The 5 Best CRMs for Integrations with Shopify


CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management tools, are exactly what they sound like. They are small programs that help to integrate sales transactions, website activity, and customer data with your eCommerce website’s contact management tools. As Shopify is one of (if not the most) eCommerce platform out there, there are a number of different CRMs available for Shopify users. Below is a quick review of the 5 CRMs that are the most popular and the most highly rated by Shopify users.


 This is placed at number one because it seems to be the best overall CRM. Priced at $119 per month, Metrilo’s integrations are nearly flawless because it installs directly inside Shopify. Customer management, analytics, and email marketing are all seamlessly integrated, making this one of the most highly rated CRMs on the market. The only place where Metrilo seems to be lacking is its relatively limited lead generation features. Since the focus of the program is on customer management, it has no built-in lead collection forms or nurturing campaigns. More importantly, there is no Metrilo mobile app, and there is no additional functionality provided for Shopify mobile sites. Starting at $119 a month, this is also one of the more expensive CRMs on the market, though it’s definitely one of the most powerful.   


 If you primarily market your Shopify store on social media, ZoHo is probably the best CRM for you. While it does have strong overall CRM features, such as lead and contact management, it’s strong suit is definitely the features is provides for social media. ZoHo offers lead generation, invoicing, and integration with ZoHo’s workplace productivity suite that are all specially designed for social media. ZoHo offers a range of plans, but the free and lower-priced options don’t include Shopify integration. This can make ZoHo a bit pricey as an option, but it’s easily the best choice for those who rely on social media marketing.


 If you are looking for a more advanced marketing automation campaign for your business, AgileCRM may be the best choice for you. AgileCRM integrates with Shopify to provide built-in lead scoring, social media monitoring, and it’s best feature, e-mail marketing automation. You can create customized drip campaigns entirely for free. If you upgrade to a premium plan (priced at $9.99 per month) you can add automated activity triggers based on your Shopify customers. It’s this feature in particular that makes it so good for those who are looking for some boosted marketing automation.



If your primary need is a customized product workflow, HubSpotCRM is your best choice. This is a free program that allows Shopify users to create custom product workflow pipelines based on customer orders. It also includes lead generation, deal pipelines, and e-mail tracking, all of which make it ideal for businesses who are selling customized products like jewelry, furniture, or art.


MailChimp is a fairly basic CRM with a Shopify integration, but what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in good quality service. The program is free for up to 2,000 contacts, after which you can choose a series of paid options (ranging from $10-199 per month) that allow for various additional customization and reporting tools. All in all, this is a pretty standard CRM, but it’s extremely reliable, and popular because it naturally expands its services as your Shopify site grows. While more seasoned Shopify users may need something more advanced, this is an ideal CRM for eCommerce beginners or sites that have a relatively small customer base.  

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